Wellington City

Wellington City

“The World’s Coolest Little Capital”

Lonely Planet

Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand with a population of approximately 400,000. From the moment you arrive in Wellington, you will be inspired by the original culture of art, cafes, cinema, museums and music and it is said that Wellington has more cafes per capita than New York!

Wellington sits on the bottom of the North Island just a 4-hour boat ride away from some of the best touristic attractions in the South Island.

Wellington is known as ‘The Windy City’ and is slightly cooler than Auckland. However, there is an all-year-round absence of extreme temperatures.

Winter (from June to August) is fairly mild, and although it doesn’t snow in Wellington, glaciers, snowy mountains and beautiful winter landscapes are not too far away.

NZLC Wellington Campus

Study in our Wellington Campus

Sitting right in the heart of the charming little capital, NZLC Wellington offers a unique environment! See more.

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