Your First Day

Be excited! Our friendly and welcoming staff will take good care of you!

2020 – On your first morning please come to school at 8.30 – 8.45 a.m.
2021 – On your first day please come to school as below:

  • Morning Class – 8am
  • Afternoon Class – 12pm
  • Evening Class – 4:30pm

General English and Young Learner students will have an English test. Don’t stress! We just want to make sure we place you in the best class for your level!

After this, we will show you around the school and introduce you to our lovely Student Services Department.
We will also give you a thorough orientation and answer any questions you have!

Pre Departure Information
To help you prepare for your trip, please watch our Pre-departure guide video carefully for information about the school and what to expect when you come here. This information will help you adapt more quickly to your new life in New Zealand and at NZLC. You can also read through our Pre-Departure Manual.

Available with subtitles in English, Spanish, Portuguese.
Select setting on the bottom right corner and select the subtitles. 

  • Your passport and valid NZ visa
  • Copy of Insurance certificate and insurance policy in English (If NZLC has arranged your insurance, we will give you the policy documents on your first week)
  • Your contact address and phone number while in New Zealand
  • Taxpayer Identification Number or National Identification Number from your country if you are planning to open a bank account in New Zealand
  • Pens, a notebook and a dictionary
  • We also recommend bringing a reusable drink bottle to school


2020 Sample first day schedule

2021 Sample first day schedule

Morning Class
8:00 – 11:15 Test/Orientation
11:15 – 12:00 Lunch
12:00 – 13:15 Orientation
13:45 – 14:45 Elective/Activities (Optional)
Afternoon Class
12:00 – 13:35 Orientation
13:35 – 13:45 Break
13:45 – 18:30 Lesson
Evening Class
16:30 – 19:40 Test/Orientation

Read our Student Handbook to ensure you are fully prepared for your arrival at NZLC and life as an international student in New Zealand.

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