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Textbook Material Fee Policy 2022

General English / IELTS / Business English

•    Full Time & Part Time (10 hours and 12.5 hours): $80 material fee + $50 textbook deposit

•    Part Time General English (7.5 hours) $30 material fee. No textbook deposit applies.

•    Part Time IELTS (7.5 hours): $30 material fee + $50 textbook deposit

The deposit will also be included in the offer letter. This deposit will be refunded on return of the textbook in an acceptable condition.

For “City Link” and School Transfers: Only one deposit fee applies and this will appear on the first school’s offer letter. $50 will be refunded by the second school.

Note: If students do not return the textbook on time, they may not be entitled to get your deposit back. If they do not return the book by Tuesday the week following graduation, they are not entitled to get a refund for the book.

Young Learners Courses

$80 material fee per course

Included in the tuition fee

Cambridge Exam Prep / TESOL / TECSOL
$100 textbook and material fee per course

Beginner: Can understand simple statements and requests within very familiar situations and can respond in short, learnt phrases or words.

Elementary (A1): Can understand and use very basic language on some personal topics.

Pre-Intermediate (A2): Can understand and use simple language on a range of personal topics and in relation to daily needs.

Intermediate 1 (B1): Can understand and use language related to personal or common every day topics such as education, work, travel and socialising, as well as discuss more abstract topics such as experiences, giving and asking for opinions, and agreeing and disagreeing politely.

Intermediate 2 (B1+): Can understand and more confidently use language related to familiar topics such as education, work, travel and socialising, as well as discuss more abstract topics in greater detail, such as experiences, hopes and plans for the future.

Upper Intermediate (B2): Can understand the main ideas of complex language on a range of concrete and abstract topics, and participate in conversations with native speakers without communication breaking down.

Advanced (C1): Can understand almost everything heard and read, and express ideas and information clearly, precisely and fluently on a full range of complex topics.

English Levels A1-C1 refer to the levels on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

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