Code of Practice

Code of Practice

NZLC has agreed to observe and be bound by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. Copies of the code are available on request from NZLC or from the NZQA website.

NZLC conducts an annual self-review and attestation to ensure compliance with the Code, and in our most recent self-review we found all relevant aspects of the Code to be well-implemented and that we are meeting our goal to enhance students’ wellbeing.

We also identified some parts of the Code where we could do even better and have taken steps to:

  • make information about basic needs (e.g. accommodation, food) clearer and more accessible around our campuses
  • get regular feedback from our retail partners about how we can improve our service
  • introduce a Maori language and culture activity option to help students become familiar with New Zealand’s unique bi-cultural context


NZQA Category 1 School

NZQA conducted an EER (External Evaluation Review) at NZLC in November 2017. NZLC was rated ‘Highly Confident in educational performance’ and ‘highly confident in capacity in self-assessment’. On this basis, NZLC is deemed a Category 1 school by NZQA. This reflects NZLC’s dedication to delivering quality English programmes.


Student Complaint Procedure

This is listed in the: NZLC Terms & Conditions, Student Handbook, Notice boards, website.


A “Formal Complaint” is defined as: “A complaint or concern that was unable to be satisfactorily resolved by the appropriate NZLC department staff and/or Principal as per the steps listed in the Complaints Procedure, and is subsequently elevated in writing to the NZLC Directors and / or to one of the external bodies listed in the Complaints procedure”.


NZLC received one formal complaint in 2023 and this was not upheld.

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