Cambridge C1 Advanced (CAE)

Cambridge C1 Advanced (CAE)

Why study Cambridge C1 Advanced (CAE) at NZLC?

Cambridge English exams are the most recognised English exams in the world and are accepted by employers, Immigration New Zealand, educational institutions and government departments around the world. Cambridge English: C1 Advanced (CAE), is a thorough test of all areas of language ability at an Advanced level and the format of the exam is divided into Reading (+ Use of English), Writing, Listening, and Speaking.  NZLC C1 Advanced (CAE) courses prepare students with the language and skills they need to sit the exam once their course is finished.

•    Taught by qualified, supportive and friendly teachers.
•    High success rate.
•    Additional after-school study support twice a week.
•    Dedicated study areas with computers.
•    Extra C1 Advanced (CAE) study materials available and homework is given regularly.
•    Regular mock tests, academic counselling and feedback.
•    Graduation certificate and academic report.
•    Guaranteed start dates.

Choose your programme!

NZLC has a wide range of quality English programmes including General EnglishIELTSBusiness EnglishCambridgePathway Programme,  Young Learners CoursesEnglish Teacher Training, and Group Study Tours.

Below, you can see the full level and course chart. This will give you an idea of the courses available to suit your level of English.

Beginner: Can understand simple statements and requests within very familiar situations and can respond in short, learnt phrases or words.

Elementary (A1): Can understand and use very basic language on some personal topics.

Pre-Intermediate (A2): Can understand and use simple language on a range of personal topics and in relation to daily needs.

Intermediate 1 (B1): Can understand and use language related to personal or common every day topics such as education, work, travel and socialising, as well as discuss more abstract topics such as experiences, giving and asking for opinions, and agreeing and disagreeing politely.

Intermediate 2 (B1+): Can understand and more confidently use language related to familiar topics such as education, work, travel and socialising, as well as discuss more abstract topics in greater detail, such as experiences, hopes and plans for the future.

Upper Intermediate (B2): Can understand the main ideas of complex language on a range of concrete and abstract topics, and participate in conversations with native speakers without communication breaking down.

Advanced (C1): Can understand almost everything heard and read, and express ideas and information clearly, precisely and fluently on a full range of complex topics.

English Levels A1-C1 refer to the levels on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).


Passing a CAE exams means that you can:
•    Understand complex pieces of writing in detail and carry out complex research in English.
•    Communicate effectively in a variety of professional and managerial situations and express yourself with a high level of fluency in everyday situations.
•    Follow an academic course, tutorial or seminar at a university level.

You can use it to:
•    Gain entrance into over 6,000 educational institutions, government departments, institutions and businesses.
•    Work in an English-speaking environment.
•    Live independently in an English-speaking country.

Lesson A:

•    Reading skills and strategies with exam practice exercises.
•    Writing skills and strategies with exam practice exercises.
•    Vocabulary and grammar to complete the Use of English section (phrasal verbs, collocations etc.).

Lesson B:

•    Listening skills and strategies with exam practice exercises.
•    Speaking skills and strategies with exam practice exercises.
•    Topical vocabulary and grammar to complete the speaking exam.


Cambridge C1 Advanced (CAE) (Afternoon Class)
Entry TestYes, C1 Advanced (CAE) Entry Test
Length9, 10 or 12 weeks
Self-Study13:45 – 14:45
TypeFull Time (20 hrs/wk)
Course Dates*9 Jan – 10 Mar (9w) Exam: 11 Mar
13 Mar – 2 Jun (12w) Exam: 7 Jun
18 Sep – 24 Nov (10w) Exam: 29 Nov
Class Size12 (average) 16 (maximum)

*Minimum student numbers required.
**Acceptance of 16 and 17 years old will be at the discretion of the Academic department (Young Learners Tuition fee and Adult Textbook/Material Fee Policy apply).


Jose Pinzon, Colombia.

“Unforgettable life experience with great teachers and wonderful friends. When I think of my experience at NZLC, it will always bring a smile to my face and I passed the CAE exam!”

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