Auckland City

Auckland City

Auckland was ranked number 1º for quality of living amongst English-Speaking countries.

(Mercer Survey 2015)

Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city with a population of 1.5 million. The city is surrounded by two beautiful harbours, islands, beaches, vineyards and park reserves. International events, festivals, concerts and exhibitions are hosted in Auckland throughout the year.

Auckland is also famous for its world class restaurants and cafes and is known as ‘The City of Sails’ due to the huge boating culture and the locals’ love of the sea!

Auckland enjoys four distinct seasons with a comfortable climate all year round. The summer months from December to February are warm and dry and locals spend much of their time swimming in the hundreds of bays and beaches surrounding Auckland.

Winter, from June to August, is mild. It doesn’t snow in Auckland however stunning snow-capped mountains can be found just a few hours’ drive away.

NZLC Auckland Campus

Study in our Auckland Campus

A vibrant and bustling campus conveniently located a few minutes’ from Auckland’s most famous street! See more.

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